COVID-19 lockdowns have been particularly devastating to India's poor.

Many have to earn their wages daily in order to feed their family that day.  Now they have lost their income and their access to food overnight.

People are starving today. But you can help!

A $10 donation will buy enough rice, wheat flour, lentils, salt, and oil to feed a family of four for a week.

You might find us conducting vision tests to give away eyeglasses in a local slum.   

Or hosting medical clinics stocked with local medicine to aid a variety of ailments. 

Or giving school shoes to a whole community of kids.

We might be passing out bags filled with grains and pulses to help struggling families out with a few meals, or sleeping bags to help inhabitants of a straw hut village keep warm in the winter.

And sometimes we gather everyone in the community we can find that is willing to listen to the greatest story ever told.